The department strives to conform to the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.This site conforms to these with the following exceptions:

  1. Drag and drop activities
  2. Reordering activities

The above activities cannot be completed by keyboard alone. If you require keyboard use please contact your teacher or administrator for help

It is built to work on any modern CSS compatible browser (see technical requirements). The site uses HTML5 and localStorage and although it will work in IE7 (by using JavaScript backup techniques) a faster experience can be gained by using a more modern browser. Information on upgrading your browser is available from

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Improving your access to this site

You can take several options to improve your access to this site.

Upgrade your browser

If you are using an older browser you should upgrade. Newer browsers include more accessibility and usability features. These upgrades are free. Information on upgrading is available from

This site provides useful upgrade information on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and other browsers. The information includes items such as version, release date, file size, system requirements and download time.

Customise your browser

You can control how a web browser displays information. This includes changing the body text font type and size, foreground and background colours, and using keyboard shortcuts.

For more information on how to customise your Internet Explorer browser look up 'Internet options' in the Help index in Internet Explorer's Help menu. If you are using Firefox look up 'Options' in the Tools menu. If you are using Safari look 'Preferences' in the Safari menu.

Use adaptive technologies

A range of adaptive technologies can also be utilised to enhance your access to information on this site. These include equipment which is purpose-built or modified to help people with disabilities to access the web.