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Digital careers: games designer and developer

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Key message

There are many different kinds of jobs within the games industry, and most of them require some technical knowledge.

Watch this ABC interview with an Australian games developer. Kevin Chan talks about his work and how he got into the games industry.

Curriculum and syllabus links

Technology S4

  • TE4-10TS Explains how people in technology related professions contribute to society now and into the future

Science S4

  • ACSHE227 People use understanding and skills from across the disciplines of science in their occupations

Science S5

  • ACSHE161 Advances in science and emerging sciences and technologies can significantly affect people's lives, including generating new career opportunities

Technologies S5

  • ACTDEK041 Explain how products, services and environments evolve with consideration of preferred futures and the impact of emerging technologies on design decisions
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