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Talking about sharing videos online

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Key message

When talking with your child about sharing videos online, you can use these examples to get a conversation happening. This way you can highlight what positive experiences of sharing online look like.

What to share

  • Videos that celebrate your child’s interests.
  • Videos that help others to learn a particular topic.
  • Videos that promote friendship and supportive behaviours.
  • Videos that encourage involvement in community activities.

An example of a good video to share would be one featuring Kid President. The videos feature American teen, Robby Novak, whose energy and positivity are helping to ‘make the world a less boring place’. His ‘Pep talk from Kid President to You’ has been downloaded 32 million times and inspires in a child-friendly way.

What not to share

  • Videos that feature inappropriate content
  • Videos that encourage risky and dangerous behaviour
  • Videos where people or animals are harmed
  • Videos that demean or degrade others
  • Videos that are insensitive to any person or group of people

An example of what not to share would be the ‘Tide Pod challenge’. This encouraged people to eat toxic laundry pods and film themselves doing it. The challenge became popular with young people, resulting in poisoning and admissions to hospital. YouTube has since removed the videos.

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