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Resource - Cyber Security card game: Know your risks

A card game developed by the Australian Computing Academy for Years 5-12

Tips to support safe behaviour online

Staying safe online requires range of skills and attributes from technical knowledge to critical thinking and empathy. These 5 tips introduce some of the key skills for engaging safely online.

Creating a safe gaming environment for children

Tips and strategies for creating a safe gaming environment for children and young people.

Resource - Stop, Breathe, Think

An app that promotes mindfulness and emotional awareness.

Resource - Netsmartzkids

Digital citizenship and safety resources for a younger audience.

Resource - Young and e-Safe

Young & eSafe is a series of teaching resources published by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. Learn about some strategies to teach and talk about digital resilience in your classroom.

Managing screen time

Managing the amount of time children and young people spend in front of a screen is a concern that many parents and teachers share. Set reasonable expectations for the amount of time your child or young person is spending in front of a screen, and for the type and quality of that screen time.

Healthy technology use

Technology can be helpful in maintaining health when used thoughtfully and in moderation.

Digital Citizenship - Parents articles and resources

A collection of articles and resources about digital citizenship for parents, part of the NSW Department of Education’s Digital Citizenship site.

Digital Citizenship - Browse all articles and resources

A list of all the articles and resources on the NSW Department of Education’s Digital Citizenship site, written for teachers, parents and students.

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